High Quality Rolex Replica

Four valve sewer access valves

Quadrant sewage access valve


Four-seater seating valve (simple and hinged)

Advantages and technical specifications
Design and production in accordance with the standard (ISIRI14976 and BSEN124) (with pressure test confirmation) and MFI raw materials from valid laboratory centers

 Produced from reinforced polymer material (PP) for polymer valves and cast iron and gray ductile iron for cast iron valves

Quadrangle design with mosaic dimensions with a strategy for urban design and customer satisfaction

Note: Around the valves, due to the impossibility of regular placement of mosaics and the problem of restoration, creates a bad house and an inappropriate view

Design of reinforcing bridges on the inner and outer walls of the collar (zigzag) to increase the compressive strength against mechanical pressures


The design of the longitudinal grooves around the valve and the living room is sometimes suitable for fixing and full engagement with concrete

Designing a hole in the place of the bolt and nuts for ease of opening and closing the door and reinforcing it around to increase the impact strength, as well as the use of lock bolts and nuts to minimize the possibility of stealing the door




Exposure of the edges of the door on the coil to prevent soil and water from entering into the valve


All types of cast iron, all polymers and coils of polymer with a cast-iron lid, as well as a simple lollipop, can be produced



Available as anti-theft (lock) and with special wrenches