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(PE) joints

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PE Pipes and Fittings

Polyethylene pipelines in different projects require polyethylene connections which will vary depending on the type of project Polyethylene pipes are used in sewage, water supply, fire extinguishing systems, caverning cables and gas Electro fusion joints are used for gas projects and screw joints for water projects up to 10 atmospheric pressure For the rest of the projects, polyethylene welding joints are used according to German DIN16963 standard

It should be noted that the home sewage system does not comply with the above rules, which can be found in the methods of connecting specialized articles sections

Polyethylene fittings have the following characteristics

Very good resistance of polyethylene joints to fracture and cracking due to external pressures
High resistance to pressure and impact
Resistance to chemicals
Corrosion and wear resistant
Excellent resistance to vibrations caused by earthquakes
Rust resistant
Smooth and smooth interior and exterior wall, non-fouling and low pressure drop due to internal surface friction
High flexibility, very low installation cost, fast running speed and no need for heavy machinery when running polyethylene pipelines