High Quality Rolex Replica

Water Valves (Brass & Polymer)



Benefits and Benefits

Fully sealed under any circumstances
4. Consumable for cold water and heat, air and places that contain gypsum, sand and sediment.
2- Usable Metal pipes, polyethylene and multilayer pipes Pressure and operating temperature of the valves are used up to 2 bar pressure and 2 ° C.

Technical Specifications

In the forging system, the molecular distance between the molecules is reduced to the maximum possible and the body strength is increased in the demolition tests, resulting in increased pressure tolerance. That's why we have chosen the forging method


 material analysis
The body and the size of the valve components of the gasket were manufactured by this company in accordance with the standard and analyzed as follows

Polymer-coated brass valve
  Use of polypropylene materials
  Hydrostatic pressure tolerance according to ISIRI 3664 national standard and BS EN 5154 international standard
  With sliding axle mechanism and suspension valve
  Integrated body to prevent leakage
  Reduce the cost of water splitting kits
  High corrosion resistance
  Appropriate Oering according to BS EN 681 International Standard
  Suitable for all types of PE, PP, PEX pipes and fittings
  Available in sizes: 1/2 and 1/2 inch