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Meter protector Seals



 Meter Protector Seals

The basis for obtaining the correct water value from the meter is the precision of the operation of the meter and the highest cost in a water split kit is paid for the meter, so proper maintenance of the meter is important.

Prevent manipulation and unauthorized use of water
Avoid rotting the meter due to contact with soil moisture
Avoid direct impact on the body of the meter and increase the life of the meter
Avoid freezing of the body and bursting of the glass of the meter


Benefits of installing Meter Protector Seals  :


Insulating the body of the meter (keeping it warm) increases the resistance to freezing and prevents bursting of the meter

The installation of the shield and the base prevents the impact of the meter body, direct contact with soil moisture (preventing decay), and increase the lifetime of the meter

 Installing the meter guard and sealing it prevents the meter from being tampered with by unauthorized persons. (The manipulation of the meter by unskilled people will result in water loss, reduced accuracy of the meter and more water costs)

Can be installed in ground and wall split