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Polypropylene siphon types

Polypropylene Siphon Three-piece Fitting


Siphon One and Three Pieces (Polypropylene Fitting)

The first manufacturer of a single siphon in Iran with a patent number 76164


Advantages and technical specifications

  Design and production according to EN1852 and ISIRI13822. Use of EPDM sealing tires.
  Non-breakage of connections during earthquake and earthquake due to fitting fit.
  Removing a connector from a four-piece siphon and inserting it into a three-piece siphon that has a significant effect on preventing root infiltration, fat accumulation and better sealing.


siphon designs in cascade (side by side) for ease of use of waterjet and non-diversion to common home
Design and installation of water leveling on the siphon body, which helps to easily and accurately adjust the angle of installation
  (In the case of a fault in the installation angle in the siphon, it causes a loss of energy (no proper discharging of the siphon) or an absence of airborne particles (the smell and beetles enter the house)

Design of energy level (difference of input center relative to the outlet center) for the speed at full drainage and washing the Siphon reservoir and accurate airborne design due to preventing the penetration of the smell, beetles and ... into the common home

Reinforcing vulnerable points, including the siphon (if there is an interruption in the siphon, a spring or water jet device should be used to remove the obstruction that causes spring or water jets, especially to the siphon floor, to fracture (by increasing the thickness of the siphon tank and connecting the knees 45 The degree of vulnerability in the above areas is minimized