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Cottactory milk base


Cottactory milk base

 Advantages and technical specifications

Produced from polypropylene materials
Special design suitable for maximum stabilization in the soil and preventing the movement and rotation of the valve
It has a lower weight and cost than a cast iron base
Strength and high strength
Applicable for polymer, brass and brass valves
Applicable for valves with dimensions of 1/2 and 3/4 inches
It has droplet blades and complete stability in the soil

Special design of the collective milk unit of 3.4 * 2. 1 with the urban beautification strategy and the satisfaction of subscribers


 Possibility of installing a collective-valve valve for splitting from one unit to several units

The design of the quaternary valve of the quadrilateral with the blades for greater engagement and stability in the soil and non-rotation is locked together in comparison with the base and is in the same direction, which, in addition to sorting the appearance of the pavement, will also satisfy the subscribers

The design of the lock is hidden under the base of the collective valves, which is split in the apartment blocks (multiple units), the base of the valves is locked to each side and in one direction, which, in addition to sorting the appearance of the pavement, also makes the subscribers satisfied

Designing the effective length of the valve base based on the collector output distances, which are located in the splits exactly in the opposite ends of the terminals (design with the aim of observing the principle of the distance and uniformity of the splits)