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Types of round sewage valves

Round sewer drain valve

A simple and laced round sewage valve

This valve is used to prevent eclipse and cleaning, without the need for splitting the ground, and to provide a safe protection for the siphon and capillary science. It has four types of all polymer, polymer pig iron, polymer And composite and all cast iron and in simple and louvred types in sizes of 20 and 25 cm

Advantages and technical specifications

Pressure bearing in accordance with EN124 (Pressure Testing Confirmation) and MFI raw materials from valid laboratory centers

Pressure Analysis Software on Visor Valves


The design of reinforcing bridges on the inner and outer walls of the collar (zigzag) to increase the compressive strength against mechanical pressures

 The design of longitudinal and grooved grooves is sometimes suitable for fixing and full engagement with concrete


Exposure of the edges of the door on the coil to prevent soil and water from entering into the valve


With a lock and a plastic tab on the door for ease of opening and closing the door



Design hinges in the valve that makes it easy to open and secure the valve and prevent the theft of the cast-iron doors 

 Made of reinforced polypropylene materials

 Anti-UV protection to protect against sunlight