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Sewage Siphon Types (UPVC)

UPVC sewage sewage

Siphon is a piece of simple and cascading UPVC scanner

 Advantages and technical specifications

Design and production in accordance with 9118ISIRI and 13361ISIRI


 Laboratory Verification Tests

   Circular stiffness
    Thermal return
   Measure dimensions
   VIKAT Softness Temperature
   Impact Resistance
   Resistance to dichloromethane
   Determine the percentage of PVC materials (furnace)
   Sealing and resistance to hydrostatic pressure

Design of the base of the siphon holder to stabilize the position, speed and ease of aligning the siphon and plastic cap to prevent the soil from entering into the siphon before delivery to the joint

Design the appropriate length in the tank for preventing clogging and blocking the siphon

The design of the energy level (the difference in the input center relative to the outlet center) will be communicated to the house in order to speed up the complete drainage of the sewage and the airborne design, in order to prevent the penetration of the smell, beetles and