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Threaded Sewage Splitters

Threaded sewer split


Threaded split double, triple and four pieces


Has a hydrostatic pressure test according to the standard

 ISIRI 13822  ,  EN 1852 , EN 1053

Blast test confirmation according to standard

 ISIRI 13822  ,  EN 1852

Standardized Thermal Testing Approval

 ISIRI 13822  , EN 1852

Conforms to standardized dimensional analysis

 ISIRI 13822  ,  EN 1852

Approves the specimen of the specimen according to the standard

 ISIRI 138222  ,  EN 1852

MFI Test Approvals in accordance with the Standard

Viscosity index of raw materials     ISIRI 13822  ,  EN 1852

Has an OIT Thermal Testing Approval according to the Standard

ISIRI 13822  ,  EN 1852


Advantages and technical specifications

    Design and production in accordance with EN 1852 and ISIRI 13822

Special design of the split collar is rectangular in order to stabilize the position and strength of the pipe, more resistance due to the pressure of the soil and the lack of split dip into the sewage network
  (Also the design of the arrow on the split collar, which marks the proper direction of assembly for unskilled tradesmen)

The design of reinforcing blades on the collar that has increased resistance to impact and soil pressure
The design of the guide on the collar and body in the form of a rail, for ease and speed in the assembly of the split, and also the lack of rotation of the collar on the split body

Design of blades over split joints with two advantages of more compressive strength and easy assembly by hand (no need for a wrench)

Design and production of split joints capable of installing on single-walled, concrete and double-walled carbide pipes up to 600

Design and production of corrosion-resistant sealing sealing tires (EPDM) with the following advantages

   (A) Height of height of the rubber to cover the empty space behind the body with the cut surface of the double-sided tube, which, in addition to increasing the sealing, causes more splitting of the body on the pipe and does not fall into the sewage system during assembly and prevent the root infiltration of the trees into The sewage network

B) Arched design on rubber sealing for better fit on all pipe sizes and more suitable sealing

C) R-shaped design of the sealed rubber edges inside the pipe to prevent the sludge from falling behind the rubber seal and prevent the sewage network from blocking

D) Design of the most effective edges on the rubber sealing and body to further seal and prevent the unit from coming out due to the pressure of the soil

Can be presented in two pieces, three pieces and four pieces, in a pressed and threaded manner

The split is one of the most important and important components in the sewage kit that helps to get the main pipe split, properly drain the sewage, prevent leakage and block the sewage main network