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Integrated water meter pond




Groundwater integrated pond 
  Valve meter 40 * 30

Baspar Abshar company has been designing and manufacturing integrated polymerization basins with the aim of installing split apartments (multiple units) and ordering installing branches, and preventing dirty environment in brick ponds and high costs. These pans are made of polymer and have a polymeric or cast-iron lid. It also makes it possible for any number of meters to be installed in an orderly manner and in accordance with the correct installation principles in a completely clean and tidy environment.



Advantages and technical specifications

Design and production in accordance with BS5834

Design of pressure test design according to 2C and 1C standards from valid laboratory centers

The design of the fixing wall on the floor, which will prevent the pond deformation by installing the body of the pond on the forefoot

Insole design with appropriate dimensions to fit a complete split inside it

Special design on the top of the body of the pond, which makes it possible to install the entire cast iron valve on the body

The design of several inputs and outputs on the floor, which allows the installation of collective blocks in the pond. Also, with the aim of not having a hole in the body of the pond (in software analyzes, we saw the pond body weakened due to the pressure of the soil in case of hole punching)